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A Council of Kings

Diamante Valley, Costa Rica

July 13th - 18th, 2022

A men’s retreat designed to tap you into and claim your will power and confidence, experience brotherhood and open up to the depth of love that is always present. Work with the medicines of San Pedero (Peruvian Torch Powder), Peyote, Embodiment, Breathwork, Somatic Release, Meditation, Integration Support, Happe, Sacred Combat and Council.

What to Expect


Work with the plant medicines of San Pedro (Peruvian Torch Powder) and Peyote. Open up the heart and let go of resistance to love. Step into a greater knowing of one's truth of spirit as we journey together in ceremony all day. 


Within a safe and well held container allow yourself to experience the release of trauma and tension stored within the mind that expresses release through the body. Move through any number of emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, abandonment, resentment, guilt or shame. Moving beyond these emotions and the thoughts and stories that created them is paramount to come into the experience of oneness and love.


Created to support the work of the plant medicine and the release of any built up charges or challenges with another brother. These councils allow us to be seen, be vulnerable and speak from a space of truth while maintaining honesty and love.


All of life is experienced with breath. Let this powerful, therapeutic breathwork practice be an additional opportunity to expand your awareness or move any stuck energy within the mind & body.

RAPÉ CEREMONY (Sacred Tobacco)

Experience this sacred Amazonian Tobacco medicine in this deeply  meditative and releasing ceremony. Rapé has been used for centuries to clear the energetic field, open the pineal gland and release emotional buildups. 

Sacred Combat

Step into the ring of life and with another man to release aggression or find your courage. This container is held with love and passion, participation is recommended, but not required. 


Working with these cactus medicines is a process that is best supported through time and integration. These integration circles are designed to provide further processing time and support, both during retreat and afterwards.


Bring in the practice of meditation and movement into your day to help bring focus into the mind and lift the vibration of your being. 


Relax for 5 nights into this all-inclusive retreat center that focuses on bringing mindfulness back into your daily life and connecting you to the vibrant spirit of the jungle.


Bring in the practice of meditation and movement into your day to help bring focus into the mind and lift the vibration of your being. 

Sample Itinerary

*Subject to Flex & Flow*

Day 1

Airport pickup (Not included)

Welcome to retreat center


Sacred Council & Opening Circle

Day 4

Morning Movement

Medicine Ceremony


Day 2

Morning Movement

Medicine Ceremony


Day 5


Integration Support


Sacred Council


Closing Ceremony

Day 3


Integration Support


Sacred Combat & Council


Day 6


Sacred Council


Exchange Requested

Private Room: $2397

Shared Room: $1997

*Limited Private Room Options*


Christopher Kent Head Shot.JPG


Christopher explores the nature of being through the written word, conversation, humor and retreat. He discovered his passion for being with people while leading a Kairos retreat when he was 18.  Trusting the call of his heart led him to discover eastern mysticism, christ-consciousness, and non-duality teachings.  He has sat one on one and in groups as both a student and facilitator with people around the globe over the last eleven years.  Christopher has trained in spiritual psychology, clinical mental health counseling, philosophy, and the art of play/theater.  In his life as an actor, he remembered  his joy of story creation, overcoming self consciousness, and being a cosmic actor upon the grand stage of life.  Exploring the arts inspired him to start a coaching and meditation practice where he investigates the nature of being with clients and offers 'practical mysticism' for living in accordance with true nature. He has found plant and fungi medicine to be supportive allies along the way. He looks forward to sharing presence with those called to this men’s retreat.



I am 65 years of age, and the father of twins that are 25 years old—a young woman and a young man. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and grew up in two worlds, Indian and non-Indian, and as a descendant of Quanah Parker, the last Comanche chief. I am a member of the 1918 Comanche Native American Church, the oldest chapter in the United States and the TABE EKA Comanche Chapter. I have been blessed to be practicing, along with my relatives, these ways for over 33 years. I was fortunate to grow up as a child among elders that could speak the native language and teach me the origins of ceremonial life in the old ways and how to handle others in a loving way as their ancestors did. I was taught how to respect and observe nature and how the world turns and how to incorporate that in my daily spiritual practice— that not only myself but also my brothers and sisters are all a part of this Great Mystery that has called us to our greatness.


I have completed the Masters course at University of Santa Monica (USM) in Spiritual Psychology which focuses on the power of compassionate self-forgiveness, heart-centered listening and communication with the goal of letting individuals see their Authentic Selves and demonstrate that in daily living. I have a keen interest in healthy communication styles in relationships with men and women and celebrating each other from that holistic place.



Andrew began his spiritual journey at a young age, always curious about the world around him and the nature of existence. At 19 years old he experienced a profound awakening that was triggered by his grandfather "Big Daddy" passing. This inspired a search for peace and understanding that led Andrew to books such as Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth: Awakening to your Life's Purpose", Paolo Coelho's "The Alchemist", Kahlil Gilbran's "The Prophet" the works of Neville Goddard, Florence Scovell Shin, James Allen, Alan Watts, William Blake, Jame's Redfield, The Channeled works of Paul Selig and Gary Renard's "The Disappearance of the Universe" which ultimately led Andrew to the book that has been the foundation of Andrew's beliefs and thought system, A Course in Miracles. The profound teachings and lessons therein have transformed the way Andrew views and experiences the world. Much of how he coaches, approaches workshops, holds space and speaks comes from this inspired spiritual document. 

Andrew begin working in retreats in 2014 in Big Bear, California where he supported SoCal Yoga Retreats with Reiki and Meditation practices. In 2016 he pursued his first Yoga Teacher Training in Maui, Hawaii which is where he begin his journey working with the plant medicine of ayahuasca. Working with plant medicine in general began at a young age for Andrew. Having first experienced the sacred mushroom at 17 years of age, Andrew was opened to the healing and perspective altering power of this plant. Having spent years working with this medicine on a personal level, Andrew was then guided to share this and other plant medicines he has opened his heart and mind towards. Andrew acknowledges that these medicines are not necessary to come to know inner peace, but they can act as tools to facilitate change of mind, thought and experience. Ultimately, Andrew believes the "work" is done within the mind and each of us must lay all of our worldly attachments aside to step into the truth of our reality which he believes is peace, love and oneness with God that is beyond the worldly dream we find ourselves in. 

Having spent nearly 7 years working within the Hospitality Industry with Hyatt in places like California, Hawaii and The Bahamas, Andrew decided to take a different approach in his day to day in 2020 when he left Hyatt. He obtained a Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition that same year. Then having left the Bahamas in May 2020, Andrew decided to explore Costa Rica a few months later to allow for a new path to form. One Spirit Infinite Journeys became that path and the many modalities in which he works are simply supportive of the deeper mental changes that he aims to facilitate in retreats, containers and coaching.

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